The Seven (or more) Secrets Old-Time Bodybuilders and Strongmen used to Naturally Increase Strength, Vitality and Virility

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How to naturally increase your testosterone and growth hormone levels to give you that powerful feeling again!

Since the days of the ancient Greeks, men have been searching for ways to increase their strength and virility. By virility, I mean performance in the bedroom.

This feat can be both easy and difficult.

It's very difficult if you do not know the secrets. But if you do know these secrets, then the answer is obvious.

This reminds me of my school days. When I had studied and was really prepared for a test, the test seemed so easy. But, those times that I was not prepared --- the test seemed outrageously hard. The same applies to this challenge of increasing a man's strength and virility.

First, let's break the process down into 3 simple parts.

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Supplementation with vitamins and minerals


There are literally thousands of exercises you can do.
Weightlifting, bodybuilding, cardio, boxing, martial arts, baseball, a multitude of sports, etc, etc, etc....

For our purposes, let's keep this simple. I believe that life always gives us simple, easy to understand answers. When we exercise, or are engaged in any sport, we are trying to accomplish one thing ---- Get better or more successful at what we are doing!

Now to get better, we must get stronger, more coordinated, or even younger. Yes, I said younger - not in calendar years, but in biological years. The simple way to do this is to increase our HGH (human growth hormone). This hormone is highly abundant in our teens and twenties but starts a steady decline as we reach our 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond.

Just take a look at the professional sports world ---
How many 40 year old baseball players do you see?
How many 35 year old football or tennis players or soccer players?
How about boxers? They are considered "old men" in their early 30's.

The secret to naturally increasing our HGH is to perform interval training. By interval training, I mean shorts bursts of energy, followed by a brief rest period. Repeat this short energy burst and rest cycle several times. This will skyrocket your HGH levels upward.

Here is an example:

Look at long distance runners. While they exercise for hours on end, they have little muscle and actually look sick & weak. Now, look at the men and women that run the 100 yards dash. These athletes are the picture of strength and virility. Their skin is tight, their muscles are full, and there is not an ounce of fat around their belly.

The reason is that the sprinters are actually performing interval exercise. Short 15 second bursts of speed followed by brief rest periods.

Two examples of how you can do this:

If you ride a stationary bike at the gym, after a brief warm up, start your interval cycles. Pedal as fast as you can for 15 seconds, take a 2 minute break and repeat this cycle up to 10 times. As you get more fit, cut down the rest time. But do not let the rest time get down below 1 minute. Your body's metabolic functions need time to recover as well.

If you are a runner, run as fast as you can for 15 seconds, take a 2 minute break (fast walk) and repeat. Now, after a few weeks, watch your HGH levels rise, you muscle strength grow, and see your virility increase!!



The old saying "you are what you eat" is wrong!

You are not just what you eat, you are what you eat and what nutrients your body absorbs.

In order for your body to perform, you must give your body the right fuel. White refined sugar, low protein, and highly processed foods are not the right fuel.

What I'm saying is that if you give your body 'hi test' fuels, your performance will be 'hi test'. So limit your intake of sugar as much as you can. Sugar is the enemy of testosterone and we want to keep as much testosterone as we can. Start reading labels and see how much sugar you ingest daily.

Limit your intake of processed foods - these are basically made of chemicals that are foreign to your body. Eat real meat (preferably organic, free of antibiotics and free of steroids). Red meat contains enzymes and nutrients (Co-Q-10) which help to increase your virility!!!

An old bodybuilder from the 60's told me that he used to eat scrambled eggs with steak. This kept up his size and burned all possible fat from his body. He ate twice a day until he was full each meal.

He would tell me to stay away from chicken. Chickens are loaded with antibiotics and steroids.

Now that said, my favorite suggestion to eat to increase virility and strength is eggs. Not egg whites but the whole egg.

(Ok I know the question you are going to ask. Why should I not eat chicken but chicken eggs are good? You see, chickens that lay eggs are allowed to grow naturally to maturity. They are not pumped up with steroids, etc to grow quickly to be sold.)

Whole eggs contain an ingredient called lecithin. Lecithin will also help to lower your cholesterol (if it's high). Contrary to what many say, eggs will not raise your cholesterol. Eggs are the perfect food - a perfect balance of protein and fat. And remember this: you need the right amount of fat to be able to absorb protein. Those of you who get indigestion from your protein shake, add some heavy whipping cream to the mix and watch your indigestion go away.

What about water? Well, drink plenty of it, but not too much.

Most people walk around dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, you may crave carbohydrates and sugar. Dehydration will cause you to feel a lack of energy.

Water will give your body energy, help to keep your colon clean and working smoothly - water helps your body get rid of toxins. Toxins and waste material cause you to feel sluggish. Drink enough water so that you are not dehydrated but not so much that you deplete your body of vital nutrients and minerals.

Just as water "flushes out" toxic matter, it will also flush out nutrients and minerals.

A good alternative to water is diluted iced green tea or highly diluted natural fruit juice (apple, grape, or orange). When I say diluted, I mean 1 part fruit juice to 3 parts water. This helps to keep water from flushing away nutrients.

So how much water?

Are you ready?

Six to eight glasses per day.

That's right, what we have heard forever is about right.



I think of it as an Anti-Aging pill disguised as a multi-vitamin. Perhaps the most important supplement you can give your body is a multi-vitamin.

I'm not talking about the grocery store multi-vitamin - you know - the 'take one tablet a day to provide all the nutrients you need' kind. Well, as a pharmacist, I'm here to tell you that one pill a day just won't do it. Stop wasted your money and kidding yourself if you think there is value in these types of multi-vits.

To get all those vitamins crammed into one little pill, the manufacturer skimps on the amount of each nutrient in the pill. I'm not saying what's listed on the label is not there, I'm just saying that the amounts of each nutrient are too small to do anything for you.

For a multi-vitamin to really work for you, it has to first be easily dissolved in the stomach. Ideally, capsules work best.

Take your multi-vitamin with food.


Our bodies are designed to recognize and absorb real food. If you just dump a bunch of vitamins into the stomach, chances are that most of these precious nutrients will just pass right thru you!

Have you ever had your urine turn bright yellow after taking vitamins? That's vitamins leaving your body via the urine pathway. To get the most out of your multivitamin, take them with a meal, right before or right after.

Ok, so the best multivitamin comes in a capsule and generally, four capsules will provide your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients.

One more point on multivitamins ---- don't take the vitamins all at once. That's too much for your body to absorb. Take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 with lunch or dinner.

The multi-vitamin I currently recommend is called Purity's Perfect Multi.

The concentration of ZINC in the human body is highest in the liver, bones, epidermal tissue (just under the skin), prostate gland, testes, sperm cells, hair, nails, cornea, & bloodstream.

Zinc is the number one factor in MALE HORMONE PRODUCTION.

Zinc regulates how strong our muscles can contract.
Zinc is important for maintaining the acid/alkaline balance in our blood.
Zinc is essential for the synthesis of protein and the action of many enzymes.
A lack of zinc can cause increased fatigue and susceptibility to infection and injury.
A zinc deficiency can lead to loss of TASTE and SMELL as well as SEXUAL DESIRE.
Zinc enhances wound healing and is essential for a clear complexion.

Do I have to say more? Take 30mg to 50mg of Zinc daily.

The testes secret a male hormone called testosterone which is responsible for the development of male sex characteristics. Also testosterone is boys – deepens the voice, broadens and deepens the chest. Without testosterone, muscle & bone growth is impossible. The naturally occurring level of testosterone is limited by heredity and is monitored by your pituitary gland. A glandular supplement call ORCHIC made from bull testicles is a natural way to gradually increase your testosterone.


A very simple way to get enough liver - I call it the Old Time Bodybuilders secret - is to take Beef Liver tablets --- see our product page for our Special Beef Liver Tablets!


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of the products listed or mentioned should be used as a substitute for medical advice, or to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. Always consult your personal physician before consuming any new supplements and never change any medications without his/her expressed permission.